Don’t you touch her hair! She’s MY client.
Wow! You know it’s funny not one of us would say this aloud, but it’s sad that some stylists actually feel this way. I’ve seen great salons go sour because one stylist catches this dreadful attitude and infects the whole staff. It starts by not being focused on your client’s best interest and only thinking of yourself your ego and your weekly total. This short term fix of making sure the clients who chose to see you never see anyone else will never allow you to be truly successful. I am firm in my philosophy to help yourself you must help others first. Understand that no one owns a client. They choose to see you, or they don’t. Sometimes you form a bond and sometimes you are simply convenient. But keeping the clients best interest in mind first and foremost is the key to getting clients to rebook. This at first is what you want but after you become busy you need to be working with a staff that believes in a true team concept and a buddy system. It’s important that the salon has a focus on the client to keep them coming back and here’s the simple part. We work in a service industry our job is to take care of the client and give them want they want, when they want it, and have the technical expertise to do it right. The fact we can perform art on people and they pay us, is a bonus. We need to work with a staff that has ongoing update technical training and customer service training. Staff meeting are a must to keep the salon goal and team orientated. They should focus on how something benefits the clients, like to better treat and take care of client needs and help them have more hours in which the client can come to the salon Management can pair up senior and junior stylists to work with each other to help each other get busier. A good technique to satisfy clients is to work with someone else on staff that has a similar personality so you can have a shared clientele. The point is, no one technician can work all day long, every day to take care of their clients needs, but two technicians working a buddy system come pretty close. Clients love seeing a staff work together it makes them feel more comfortable that you all want to take care of them. It eliminates the he said she said stuff and keeps both people focused of keeping each other busy.